About Us

The Baseball Bat Walking Canes are created by Rick Just, a retired firefighter from South Florida, currently living in DeLand, near Daytona Beach.

The company was originally called Cane and Unable and was begun 22 years ago by Rick's father, Bill, when he needed a birthday gift for a business partner. After experimenting in the creation of different types of walking canes and walking sticks, he came up with a baseball bat made into a walking cane. Not only did the Baseball Bat Walking Cane turn out to be interesting and different, it was actually functional! It was a huge hit at the birthday party, and a business was born.

Baseball Bat Walking Canes are currently sold through Louisville Slugger's Gift Shop, through our website, and can also be found in gift catalogs. The Baseball Bat Walking Canes have been featured in a rap video, used by a well-known college baseball coach to collect signatures, and given as gifts to thousands of baseball fans across the country.

A great gift for coaches, a gift for parents and grandparents, and any baseball enthusiast wanting a Walking Cane that is different from the ordinary walking cane.

Baseball Bat Walking Canes can be personalized with a name or a message.