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About Us

The Baseball Bat Walking Canes

The company began in 1993 when Rick’s father needed a birthday gift for a business partner. After experimenting with the creation of different types of walking canes, he came up with a baseball art made into a walking cane. Not only did the Baseball Bat Walking Cane turn out to be interesting and different, but it was functional!

It was a huge hit at the birthday party, and a new business began. Rick’s father took out a patent and eventually turned the business over to his son.

Owners Robin and Rick Just, each holding a baseball bat cane in their workshop with boxes behind them that say Louisville Slugger
Rick Just is working on this wood working machine designing a baseball bat cane

The Baseball Bat Walking Canes have been featured in a rap video, used by a well-known college baseball coach to collect signatures, photographed in the Oval Office, and given as gifts to thousands of baseball fans across the country. The Baseball Bat Walking Cane is a great gift for coaches, parents, and grandparents, and for any baseball enthusiast wanting a walking cane that is different from an ordinary walking cane.

Just wanted to let you know that my father-in-law loved the Baseball Bat Cane. He is 92 years old, still working, and has problems walking. This really put a smile on his face. Thanks again. — Denise J.